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Can I Get My Insurance License With a Felony?

Accredited Advisor in Insurance Texas (AAI) program gives an insurance professional with a leverage of outwitting in the increasingly competitive industry. Also, being an insurance producer can serve customers get the correct policies as per insurance requirements. Insurance Institute of America and IIABA joined to introduce this program. A former felon may ask “Can I get my insurance license with a felony?” Although, the insurance state deparment runs background check but if you have been in the good graces then you can get it easily. There is no discrimination.

    Insurance professionals showcasing a great knowledge about insurance industry and a strong focus on serving customer can acquire this designation. The knowledge obtained from AAI designation helps agent boost service and suggestions to clients. In addition, this designation is highly useful for individuals who are ready to open a successful insurance agency.


    Course One: Core Courses  

    The three syllabus under this group are as follows:

    AAI 81Foundations of Insurance Production– Builds a foundation on the vulnerability faced by clients. Also, it assists in possessing knowledge of a broader insurance products and services.
    AAI 82: Multiple- Lines Insurance Production– Guides on how to write huge, intricate commercial lines in an accurate way.
    AAI 83Agency Operations and Sales Management- Helps to sort out agency workflows with the use of an insurance software. In addition, provides skills on working with clients. Also, it helps to practically use sales and negotiation skills.

    Course Two: Ethics (1) 
    Ethical decision making in risk and insurance:
    Ethical behavior is crucial in managing risks in insurance. In addition, it provides an understanding for making a choice and recognizing dilemmas faced. Also, it boosts the skills needed to reach decisions while encountering with such difficulties in real life situation.

    can i get my insurance license with a felony

    Qualifications for Accredited Advisor in Insurance

    The Institutes Risk & Insurance Knowledge Group calculates that the syllabus takes between nine to twelve months to achieve it. Furthermore, insurance producers should accomplish examinations of three foundation courses to get an Accredited Advisor in Insurance Designation in Texas.

    In addition, professionals should finish an ethics course by completing the fifty question Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals or Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct exam. Also, you can even check out an insurance blog for extra resources to be a better candidate for AAI qualification.

    Benefits of Accredited Advisor in Insurance in Texas

    Insurance professionals gets rational knowledge to use right away after completing the program. They are:

    • Higher payouts
    • More information about insurance policies and insurance coverages
    • Enhance better sales approach
    • Understanding the way of underwriters’
    • Upgrade agency functions in work through an insurance agency management system
    • Help insurance clients better
    • Steer clear of E&O (Errors and Omissions) claims from clients

    Final Words 

    In conclusion, the Accredited Advisor in Insurance course proves to be a great help for insurance agents while selling compounded products or facing with new insurance situations. Insurance professionals also gets more experience to use an agency management system with ease to smoothen out agency operations. Also, the experience earned via course materials and exams can help professionals show professional accomplishment. Therefore, Accredited Advisor in Insurance Texas is a great reputation for insurance producers. Even if you ask can i get my insurance license with a felony, you should always have a property and casualty insurance license study material.

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