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what is the highest paid insurance job?

Accredited Advisor in Insurance is an insurance professional title earned by producers with vast knowledge on insurance industry as weighed to other agents. Insurance professionals can earn this title by passing a series of three tests regulated by the Insurance Institute of America. The knowledge gained from it can aid insurance agents selling sophisticated products. Also, it helps in dealing with difficult cases in insurance industry. The question what is the highest paid insurance job can be a great one if you are starting your insurance career. Everyone wants a career that pays well. Also, getting an AAI designation helps you a lot.

The Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI) Designation gives the tools requires to maintain a proper upper hand in the industry and sell insurance . Also, it helps to fulfill commitment to give a better customer service. In today’s increasingly complex property-casualty insurance marketplace, only producers with in-depth information and a strong focus on customer service have a competitive advantage. If starting an insurance agency is your focus then getting an AAI designation will be highly beneficial as you get to learn more on how to sell insurance.

An insurance professional with a great network of carriers and other insurance producers through an insurance aggregator, also has the upper hand in becoming more competent.

What is the Highest Paid Insurance? How Does AAI Designation Helps?

An actuary has one of the highest paid job in insurance. They earn an average of $97,776 per year. An actuary sets the premiums and analyzed the data to determine risk factors.

Insurance producers can get an Accredited Advisor in Insurance through the following steps:

  • Take part in one-day nine seminars and pass the 30-question multiple-choice exam
  • Finish off  online Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals: Ethics 311.

It takes around nine to fifteen months to complete the program and become more credible. Also, this covers courses on multiline insurance, agency leadership and agency sales management. Along with a course on the basics of insurance production. Prospective insurance professionals should complete an online ethics examination.

The institute suggests study time for five to seven weeks on each course. Also, they help students guide by offering hardcopy textbooks and course guides. Some state insurance associations provides the course material in a seminar. Also, we suggest you to list yourself in an agent directory after getting an AAI designation as it helps you stand out even more in the competition. Know what is the highest paid insurance job, are you ready to take on the challenge? Also, if you want to know the answer to “can I get my insurance license with a felony” then this blog might be useful.

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Course Format

The course format for Accredited Advisor in Insurance  are as follows:

  • AAI 81: Foundations of Insurance Production

This course focuses on the building a strong base about insurance production and helps you learn more about insurance cluster. Hence, it helps to grasp knowledge of a huge range of insurance products and services. Also, it includes: Commercial Inland Marine Insurance, Insurance and Legal Systems, Business Income and Extra Expense, Risk Management and the Producer, Commercial Property, Sales or Account Development, Personal Financial Planning and Homeowners and Personal Auto.

  • AAI 82: Multiple-Lines Insurance Production

This course focuses on the Multiple-Lines insurance production. It teaches how to write huge, difficult commercial lines. Also, it includes: Surety Bonds, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Ocean Marine, Commercial Automobile, Excess and Umbrella, Garage and Motor Carrier, Specialty Property, Commercial Crime, Workers Compensation and Employers Liability, Business Owners and Other Commercial Coverage.

  • AAI 83: Agency Operations and Sales Management

It teaches to handle agency operations and communicate with customers by showcasing tested sales and negotiation ways. Also, it includes Agency Financial Management, Agency Formation or Organizational, Environmental Management, Client Services, Agency Management, Automated Agency, Personal Production Plans, Market Segmentation or Product Targeting, Producer- Insurer Relations, Costumer Communication or Agency Growth and Public Image of the Agency.

accredited advisor in insurance